Montana Craft Malt - Butte, Montana

Montana Craft Malt is a stewardship company, honoring the traditions of craft and sustaining the spirit of new creation.

Over decades, industry conditions sought to create standardization in malt products — commoditizing the supply chain in brewing.

For growers and venturous brewers - competing in a sea of large macro brewers - specialty malts have allowed small niches to become larger, accelerating markets.

Our offer is as vivid and diverse as our clients: From heirloom varietals to European specialty malts, we open new territory for brewers to explore and stand apart from the herd.

Sourcing only from authentic Montana growers, we offer unmatched integrity and quality.

With greater selection and choice, our brewers can experiment wildly, while producing confidently at scale. Importantly, our malting operation is tuned to the needs of brewing, with transparency into batch data to help tune recipes and processes, with year-to-year stability for the consistent yield of your flagship recipes.

Working as partners, we pour pride in each pint, with unique, signature malts worthy of each brewer’s identity and ambition. And from this malt advantage, we help create your market advantage.


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